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  • noun Alternative form of instance.


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  • "Motive" is an essential element of a number of crimes [ "assault with intent to kill", for enstance].


  • 'Tis just a enstance how some things comes nachrul to some people.

    Lying Prophets

  • For enstance, there's some queer caves alang the cost -- twa or three o 'them afore ye come to the


  • "Miss Cam'ell may weel hae left letters for enstance, an 'hoo wad they fare in Jean's han's?"


  • There's my mither's ain Gaelic, for enstance: it's as auld, maybe aulder nor the Greek; onygait, it has mair Greek nor Laitin words intil

    Donal Grant, by George MacDonald

  • "A present enstance o 'the vainity o' human endeevour!" said Donal.

    Sir Gibbie

  • "Wad ye no tell me whaur the bit thing cam frae, or is supposit to hae come frae, sir; H'ard ye it ever said, for enstance, 'at the auld captain they tell o' had broucht it?"

    Warlock o' Glenwarlock

  • "As Mistress Bonniman's, for enstance?" suggested Mrs. Croale, interrogatively, and with just the least trace of pawkiness in the tone.

    Sir Gibbie

  • "Gien ye forgie a body for enstance, ye maun forget tu -- no sae muckle, I'm thinkin ', for the sake o' them 'at did ye the wrang, for wha wad tak up again a fool (foul) thing ance it was drappit?

    Warlock o' Glenwarlock

  • An ill man, or wuman, like Mistress Catanach, for enstance, 'at's a'boady,' cep 'what o' her 's deevil, "



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