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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of enstate.


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  • There's nothing "violent" about changing the tax structure so why don't you start working for the policies that you wish to see enstated instead of commenting on people's blogs that don't have anything to do with the actual policies mine.

    all i have to say is...

  • Maybe people would get their noses out of Ms. Lohan's business and find the deaths of innocent Iraqis and their fellow Americans more "interesting" if a draft were enstated.

    How Up Are You On Current Events?

  • The waiters become bartenders, the dj's change their names, new posters are made, new rules are enstated.

    i-claudius Diary Entry

  • The Federal Reserve Bank, a private central banking system created by criminal bankers and enstated by stealth in 1913, charges the American government and by extension you and I interest on every dollar that they loan to the government.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • The rule was enstated to account for the delay between the decision and the actual action.

    Canucks Top Stories

  • The current zoning ordinance was enstated in 1988 and according to the 2004 Comprehensive Plan, a new ordinance is recommended to preserve rural character. News Feed

  • We will need workers when we stumble into a war and the draft is re-enstated.

    Latest Articles

  • When the economy crashes and the draft is re-enstated no one will give a shit about right-wing propaganda.

    Think Progress » ABC Tells Fox That Path to 9/11 ‘Is Based Solely and Completely on the 9/11 Commission Report’

  • This monster bomb is famous for being the largest nuclear detonation on the face of this planet. 112 days earler the project to build the weapon, codenamed Ivan, was initiated by the soviet premier of the time Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. 3 years before the Tsar Bomba was detonated, Khrushchev was enstated as the Premier of the Soviet Union in March 1958, and shortly after his enstatment the Soviet Union issued a statement in which it planned to suspend nuclear weapons testing. - Articles related to Obama adviser warns Russia against arms sale to Iran


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