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  • n. Plural form of entailment.


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  • But we can test the entailments of those assumptions.

    About 'What Darwin Got Wrong'

  • What is really happening is that entities without clear entailments are scientifically vacuous.

    About 'What Darwin Got Wrong'

  • I think what is most interesting in this forum is to work on what aspects of the mind/body problem are relevant to telic theories of origins, and what the entailments actually are.

    2009 May - Telic Thoughts

  • Either its proposed hypotheses are too vague to lead to specific and distinguishing empirical entailments, or it's simply false.

    A True Scientist

  • I was the younger son, and the estate was one of those ancient entailments: everything went to my older brother.


  • Promoted to Headline (H2) on 12/12/09: The Psychologies of Conservatism and Liberalism yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'The Psychologies of Conservatism and Liberalism'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: What looks like a simple psychological assessment schema conceals entailments in human behavior that have troubled societies from the beginning.

    The Psychologies of Conservatism and Liberalism

  • Libertarianism is a family of doctrines defined by a set of views about the rights people enjoy and their political entailments, not by any shared understanding of what traits make for rights-having.

    Are Animals People Too?

  • But while it can identify, for each alternative view that remains, what commitments one will be making by way of entailments and presuppositions, it is not capable in itself of producing any reason for asserting any one thing over any other.

    Nietzsche or Aristotle? | clusterflock

  • In fact it might seem that this is obvious; if we define validity or entailment in terms of truth preservation, arguments with purely non-cognitive premises will not even be candidates for validity and relations among them will not be entailments.

    Boys in White Suits

  • Logical entailments involving moral judgments are explained as follows: A constellation of attitudes which includes the attitudes expressed by the conditional and by the seemingly assertive premises but not those expressed by the conclusion is irrational, because it goes against the purposes of moral discourse.

    Boys in White Suits


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