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  • noun Plural form of entente.


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  • " Ce qu'on dit maintenant, c'est : " Ne signons plus jamais de mauvaises ententes.

    The revenge of the Newfies?

  • The -- the two -- the two camps, or the two ententes, clashed in -- in the First

    Serbs & Croats: The Struggle in Yugoslavia

  • At the rocket field they talked continents, encirclements-seeing years before the General Staff the need for a weapon to break ententes, to leap like a chess knight over Panzers, infantry, even the Luftwaffe.

    Gravity's Rainbow

  • Trevelyan -- when, on Aug. 4, Sir Edward's false game was shown up and when treaties grew out of those "conversations" and alliances out of those ententes, which had until then existed under counterfeit names.

    New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 4, July, 1915 April-September, 1915

  • Now, our foreign policy of _ententes_ and the needs of our oversea territories have necessitated a military organisation, the foundation of which is readiness to undertake an oversea expedition as well as to provide for home defence.

    Against Home Rule (1912) The Case for the Union

  • These two factors, combined with the invention of the Dreadnought type of ship which is now being built by other powers whose navies we could formerly afford to ignore, have rendered our position in the world more precarious, more dependent upon foreign alliances and _ententes_, and have rendered combination for defence far more essential.

    Against Home Rule (1912) The Case for the Union

  • Even those of us who question the wisdom of a policy of Continental ententes or alliances refuse to see France struck down by

    New York Times, Current History, Vol 1, Issue 1 From the Beginning to March, 1915 With Index

  • Her guests were as a result perpetually forming new ententes and combinations, finding themselves bumped about like those little moving figures which one sees in shop-windows on Broadway, which revolve on a metal disc until, urged by impact with another little figure, they scatter to regroup themselves elsewhere.

    Piccadilly Jim

  • Please God, this will be the end of autocracies, the end of despotisms, the end of war lords, the end of secret diplomacies of deceit, the end of menacing alliances and threatening ententes, the ultimate and everlasting end of the Religion of Valour, of the Cult of Violence, and of the barbaric appeals to brute Force.

    America's Greatest Achievement

  • By his efforts to separate Austria and Italy from the Triple Alliance and by his ententes with the other Powers of Europe, Edward VII isolated his rival (1907, Triple-Entente between England, Russia, and France).

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Fathers of the Church-Gregory XI


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