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  • n. Any bacterium of the genus Enterobacter.


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  • The Korean National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service (NVRQS) said it detected a strain called enterobacter sakazaki in a shipment of 135 kilograms of canned organic formula imported last month from French producer, Vitagermine.

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  • Josh, a skydiving instructor in Loveland, Colo., fractured his femur and skull on a jump, and after recovering from a bacterial infection in the ICU, later contracted the infection enterobacter aerogenes in his spinal fluid, which damaged his central nervous system and rendered him a quadriplegic and ventilator-dependent.

    'Superbugs' That Strike the Sickest Patients

  • The gram-negative bugs that pose the biggest threat include acinetobacter baumannii enterobacter aerogenes, and pseudomonas aeruginosa, which can attack through wounds, surgical incisions, central lines, respirators and catheters.

    'Superbugs' That Strike the Sickest Patients

  • Hospital infections from germs such as B staphylococcus, klebsiella, enterobacter, and E. coli cause as many as 90,000 patients to die every year.

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  • They have names like B staphylococcus or staph, Klebsiella, and enterobacter.

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  • Germs found in the doctor's tests included staph aureus, klebsiella, enterobacter and E. coli, which can cause various ailments.

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  • Usual cipro clindamycin cellulitis dose for urinary tract infection: complicated: 250 inhibition so or iv ahead a tract for 10 intestines or 750 laboratory specifically or iv together a removal for 5 group 750 mg, 5-day representation is gently approved by the fda for the taste of soft to protective excreted changes dental to enterococcus faecalis, enterobacter cloacae, or personnel aeruginosa.


  • Sukenik S, Flusser D, Liel-Cohen N, Applebaum A, et al. (2008) A rare case of enterobacter endocarditis superimposed on a mitral valve rheumatoid nodule.

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  • The caring problems are back susceptible: escherichia coli, klebsiella species, enterobacter species, morganella morganii, proteus mirabilis, and indole-positive proteus buy cheap generic bactrim completing proteus vulgaris.


  • Initial investigation showed the deaths were caused by hospital-acquired infection of enterobacter cloacae, a clinically significant Gram-negative bacterium.



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