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  • adjective Of or pertaining to the intestinal production of endocrine hormones


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  • The authors found that in these so-called enteroendocrine cells TGR5 controls the secretion of the hormone Glucagon-Like Peptide 1

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  • There are at least ten types of enteroendocrine cell and it has been hard to determine the exact role of each cell type and hormone they secrete because many of the hormones have partially overlapping functions.

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  • TITLE: Loss of enteroendocrine cells in mice alters lipid absorption and glucose homeostasis and impairs postnatal survival

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  • The clinical relevance of these data are highlighted by the recent identification of several patients with NGN3 gene mutations who show an almost complete lack of all enteroendocrine cells and suffer, from the first days of life, from malabsorptive chronic diarrhea.

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  • However, a team of researchers, led by Georg Mellitzer and Gérard Gradwohl, at INSERM U964, Université de Strasbourg, France, has now generated mice lacking all enteroendocrine cells and hormones by deleting the gene Ngn3 and found that a lack of these cells leads to a high chance of dying during the first week of life.

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  • GSK, the industrial partner, working within their enteroendocrine group based in North Carolina,

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  • At the same time, the small intestine signals nutrient abundance to the organism and contributes to satiety by the release of hormones and enteropeptides from enteroendocrine cells and by the secretion of chylomicrons and apoA-IV, a satiety signal

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  • While some mechanisms by which enteroendocrine cells sense lipids have been described

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  • The daughter cells migrate either toward the villus differentiating into enterocytes, goblet cells, and enteroendocrine cells, that are eventually shed into the gut, or inwards to the crypt bases giving rise to Paneth cells

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