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  • n. Plural form of enterpriser.


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  • "Free enterprisers" is perhaps not the best expression to use in describing them, now that foreign trade necessarily depends so much on government support and assistance even in capitalist societies.

    Atlantic Trade Community, Foundation of the Free World

  • During the Thirty Years 'War (1618-1648) there were about 1,500 military "enterprisers" active in Germany, mercenaries who could field entire regiments, and in some cases even small armies, about 80 percent of whom were Germans.

  • Yep, the great free-enterprisers who've railed on for decades about Tommy Douglas driving out the oil companies are now giving away every penny of our potash royalties this year to the potash companies.

    Brad Wall's Fiscal Mismanagement Of Saskatchewan Is Getting Ridiculous

  • Some of successful businessmen are tired of purchasing all the strapping seals all around and worried about quality and delivery and customer service, etc, more and more strapping enterprisers prefer owning their own strapping seal workshop.

    sell pet strapping seal making machine

  • Since this is true for everyone, we are locked into a system of "fouling our own nest," so long as we behave only as independent, rational, free-enterprisers.

    Part 2--An Examination of the Tragedy of the Commons: Pollution

  • To wit: “Optimists and enterprisers” evolved into “movers and shakers,” which ultimately gave rise to “changemakers.”

    MSNBC, The Place for ... Changemakers! Big Re-Brand as 'Obama Network'

  • Free enterprisers hold that the political and economic ideas developed largely in the British Commonwealth, the United States, and Northwest Europe have demonstrated their unique capacity to deal with industrial society.

    Energy and Society~ Chapter 1~ Energy & Society

  • But they may find it harder to avoid, as scientists and commercial enterprisers gain more control over the fundaments of life, and thus over our individual and collective destinies.

    How Will The Clone Feel?

  • Nevertheless, the constitutional was clearly not designed to privilege the elite enterprisers and moralists that now control the Republican Party.


  • Despite being better off than most Americans, they are personally victimized by terrorists, by crime, by affirmative action (virtually all enterprisers are white), by high taxes, by environmental regulations, by the poor, etc.



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