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  • adjective computing, slang Of, pertaining to, or resembling the sort of software that would be developed for a large commercial enterprise.


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enterprise +‎ -y


  • This was in an time when the "enterprisey" folks were turning away from Unix in the form of AIX, Solaris, HPUX, et al. and taking up NT as the platform of choice, so it was in some ways sensible to make Tk work well there, and in any case as a cross platform GUI toolkit, it ought to work well there in any case.

    Planet Apache

  • There was a lot of discussion about how to promote Ruby effectively in enterprises that aren't already using it-not because Ruby is the be-all, end-all of programming (it's not) but because we have all found it helpful across a wide variety of programming tasks, and we think it is a good antidote for the more common, "enterprisey" tools that often bring more bad than good to a project.

    Relevance - Relevance Weblog

  • Furthermore, if the feature is "enterprisey", and not directly useful to them, they are very unlikely to help work on it.

    Fedora People

  • Java is seen as being good for big, 'enterprisey' sorts of things ... and it probably is - it has a lot of mechanisms to keep people from getting in one another's ways.

    David's Computer Stuff Journal : Comments

  • I personally have changed my views over the last few years about the efficacy of dynamically typed languages like Ruby, even for large enterprisey applications, as long as you have strong testing to back you up.

    The Importance of Language

  • I am sure Obama selected him because he is a red tape guy and the media and RNC will feel secure, but that means he will select the big enterprise companies do the work and then it will be slow, horrible to use, …. .you know java enterprisey.

    Obama Spurns Silicon Valley Vets, Names Virginia’s Secretary of Technology As CTO

  • The fact of the matter is, any company doing cloud in an enterprisey fashion (involving multiple business units) is -- whether they call it that or not -- doing service oriented architecture.

    ebizQ Business and IT Agility News

  • I sometimes worry that what I'm writing isn't 'enterprisey' enough, but I'm not even sure that 'enterprise' has a meaning relevant in the context of social media.

    Comments from all Computer Weekly blogs

  • But syntactic sugar trumps all, so I'll only go elsewhere if it doesn't smell of enterprisey, false sense of security, public static void ness.

    Software As She's Developed

  • The layout might be a bit enterprisey for my standards, but I was representing my company, so I used the company template.



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