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  • n. Plural form of enthalpy.


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  • “Our data are too uncertain to draw firm conclusions” (Criminal Law Review) “Most of the data are new” (Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology) “These data are then used to calculate bond enthalpies.”

    Data is data, or are they?

  • Chapman et al. argued that allocation according to the enthalpies of the byproducts is the only "physically sensible" approach.

    Net energy analysis

  • These enthalpies are then added to define a total primary requirement, and double-counting is avoided.

    Net Energy Analysis (historical)

  • Similarly, hydro and nuclear electricity are viewed as primary energy resources, whose enthalpies are evaluated in terms of their fossil fuel equivalents using the prevailing heat rate for fossil electric power plants.

    Net Energy Analysis (historical)

  • Emmanuel states that his charts assume constant humidity, and I think that is what basically drives the increasing spread between the two enthalpies.

    The Coming Katrina Anniversary « Climate Audit

  • As best as I can tell, tha answer lies in the change in enthalpies ocean vs near-ocean air as temperatures rise.

    The Coming Katrina Anniversary « Climate Audit

  • More than 2400 equilibrium constants of acid-base reactions, 1500 complexation enthalpies, and nearly 2000 infrared and ultraviolet shifts upon complexation are gathered together in 25 thermodynamic and spectroscopic scales of basicity and/or affinity.


  • Paul, I just added another section in my Sandbox2 about your table of "combustion enthalpies" for your consideration.

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  • High temperatures (high enthalpies) mean higher energy capacity.

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  • Below are some typical (approximate) values of their Combustion enthalpies MJ / kg

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