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  • n. Plural form of entheogen.


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  • We discuss historical and contemporary uses of entheogens (psychedelics) within the context of religion.’s S.ave D.emocracy – Out There Radio: Episode 13 | Disinformation

  • There are spirits, nicotine, narcotics, pharmaceuticals/synthetics, and entheogens (otherwise known as psychedelics).

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Fractal images remdind me of the visions from entheogens as well, or so I imagine.

    Mandelbrot Fractals

  • I quit using this substance many years ago, but I credit it, along with some other entheogens, with totally reshaping my life -- for the better.

    Albert Hofmann's Potion - LSD

  • OK, I admit it -- I used to love entheogens when I was younger.

    Neave Strobe

  • Or it could be that they remind me of some of my experiences with entheogens -- which also seemed to turn the ordinary into an endlessly complex and evolving tapestry of possibilities.

    Mandelbrot Fractals

  • In my twisted mind I thought this song was a ref. to the "flood" of entheogens (or whatever you like to call them) in the 60s (Oh, for a walk in that Orange Sunshine!).

    The WELL: Here Comes Sunshine

  • I admit I may be ‘too young’ to use “drugs”, but I use entheogens to develop a deeper spiritual bond, with not only my self, but the world around me.

    L.S.D., R.I.P.

  • Some of the most profound moments of "clarity" in my life occurred while I was "under the influence" of psychedelics/entheogens.

    Boing Boing

  • The herbs found in smoking mixtures are entheogens and have been known to mankind for a long time.

    RIA Novosti


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