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  • v. Present participle of enthrone.


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  • Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes, McCain, Palin were not accidents but the inevitable result of enthroning clearly right-marginal voices as the leadership pickers. burritoboy Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Unleashing Chiang

  • This view actually helps to illustrate the value of the ciboria in emphasizing and enthroning the free-standing altar.

    An Irish Ciborium and the Ciborium Generally

  • From hollows sculpted, at the side of my face, so I can heed, from them I hear an encompassing, restless wind born from the distant bellow of a wind-swept peak reflecting off frozen time and barrier encompassing behind me tranquil, winter and kingdom, enthroning this lord of storms.

    I am Golem

  • At long last, the Double Standard's longtime standard bearers have acquiesced, enthroning Sarah Palin as their Official

    Helen Cordes: "First Dude": Feminist Hero for Us All?

  • This liturgical enthroning of the word of God each day during the Council was always for us a gesture of great importance: It told us who was the true Lord of that assembly; it told us that the word of God was on the throne and that we exercise our ministry to listen and to interpret, to offer to the others this word.

    Archive 2008-02-17

  • It is broadly significant for all that we do: enthroning in the world the word of God, the living word, Christ.

    Archive 2008-02-17

  • This website is dedicated to preserving the Holy Ground in Rome City, spreading the devotion, and enthroning a statue of Our Lady of America in the Basilica in D.C.

    a word to Michelle Obama

  • Very interesting that on the rebound some of the pro-AAGW scientists have adopted “consensus” in their defense, even enthroning it as some new kind of self-validating scientific principle.

    What is "Consensus Science" for Proxies? « Climate Audit

  • Gothic romance anticipates cinema, rather, by enthroning the reverie-making capacity of the mind's eye as the dominant determinant in aesthetic consumption, a discursive act replicated by Wordsworth's elevation of disembodied vision.

    Introduction: Gothic Romance as Visual Technology

  • We are a nation that could fight two mighty and populous fascist powers in World War II, and could confront the possibility of sudden nuclear annihilation during that "long twilight struggle" of the Cold War, without overthrowing our constitutional protections nor enthroning an unchecked power in the president nor legitimating torture.

    Get a Grip, America! It's Dangerous for a People to be Ruled By Fear


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