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  • v. Present participle of entomb.


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  • To have conceived and then achieved the idea of entombing an issue of the magazine in a metal sleeve should be an inspiration to every editor to fight for crazy ideas. "

    Press Gazette Latest News

  • The end game is potentially entombing all the reactors, which may take weeks to achieve once a decision to do so is made.

    David Wagner: To Return to Japan or Not to Return: That is the Question

  • I spent many happy hours with Poe, entombing people and guilt behind walls or under floorboards.

    A flood of dark memories « Write Anything

  • Plans call for entombing some 77,000 tons of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel that's now stored at power plants and research facilities around the country.

    No safety conclusions in report on nuclear dump

  • Once a proving ground for presidential aspirants, Albany has turned into a political burial ground, entombing the ambitions of Mr. Spitzer and Mr. Paterson.

    Governor Faces A Rough Road

  • Japanese officials are considering what some believe inevitable--entombing the reactors in mounds of sand and concrete, as was done at Chernobyl.

    Joe Cirincione: Hiroshima to Fukushima: The Illusion of Control

  • After cleaning the greasy diaphragm and entombing the leftover pizza in Tupperware like organs preserved for transplant, we retired to the den to watch a rerun of The A-Team in almost complete silence.

    Mark Coggins: Chasing Lotta

  • Looks to this creationist like the creatures was entombed suddenly with the entombing sediments likewise entombed.

    Cambrian faunas - The Panda's Thumb

  • Soon, the killer clowns reach town and begin offing people in creative ways…with carnivorous shadow puppets, entombing them in big balloons and cotton candy, shooting them with popcorn that turns into slithering mini-clowns, hitting them over the head with giant mallets or melting them with deadly cream pies!

    Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

  • That night among other significant events, split by the earthquake, half a mountain fell away and 80 million tons of rock came crashing down on the campground at which we'd intended to stay the night, entombing twenty or so campers whose cars hadn't overheated on the way there, as well as damming the river, afterwards forming the body of water known as Quake Lake west of West Yellowstone that one can visit today.

    "Earthquake Warning Has Oregon on Its Toes."


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