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  • n. A device for saturating a current of gas or steam with liquid: usually a hollow or pocket for collecting a liquid in such a way that it will be picked up by a passing current of gas or steam.


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  • If the condenser must be located above the turbine, then the pipe should be carried first downward and then upward in the U form, in the manner of the familiar "entrainer," which will be found effectively to prevent water getting back when the turbine is operating.

    Steam Turbines A Book of Instruction for the Adjustment and Operation of the Principal Types of this Class of Prime Movers

  • Liaison avec L'Angleterre, necessaire, impossible a rompre ou tout au plus, pour des momens, effrays d'ailleurs des Suites d'une conduite hardie, qui pourroit les entrainer dans une guerre, pour laquelle ils n'ont aucunes mesures prises.

    John Adams diary 34, 5 -- 26 October 1782

  • [257] In the original, "Voulant la servitude, il se sont laissé entrainer, malgré eux ou à leur insu, vers la liberté."

    American Institutions and Their Influence

  • INGENIO RIOPAILA Location: La Paila, Colombia Year: 1990 Scope of the job: "Turn key" project Name of project: Anhydrous ethanol plant using cyclohexane as entrainer Capacity:

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  • "Normally you would use sand or granite as your aggregates but in our case we used different things like recycled glass even to make the concrete lighter, and we put air entrainer to get as much air in there so that the density is actually less than the density of water, so that when you put it in the water, it doesn't sink to the bottom," said Joe Jeray, a Notre Dame engineer who took part in the competition.

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