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  • v. Present participle of entrain.


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  • On Synchrony: the body is a sensitive instrument; the onset of menstruation, the timing and even the amount of bleeding, is capable of 'entraining' with other rhythms, and to be sensitive to such factors as pheromones and sitting in moonlight (see Proctor’s article), dancing (see pp in Blood Relations, Knight), and even certain words (forthcoming in a future issue).


  • The IPCC is a large procedural assessment activity involving first of all scientists, but then later entraining a broad range of other experts from government, business, civil society to evaluate the quality of the assessment, before the modified text is presented to government representatives for their amendment and approval ….

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Dangers of a Monoculture — Reactions to the CRU Emails

  • Every single time you align to the highest, you are entraining a new pattern of the heart.

    Eva Norlyk Smith, Ph.D.: Anusara Yoga - Becoming a Standing Mudra of the Heart

  • If you travel regularly, no matter what your stress-response type, you need to pay attention to entraining your bio-rhythm to make you more stress-resilient.


  • The seasons and their varying solar irradiance are caused by axial inclination, and orbit around the sun, and the forces of tides and nocturnal light levels vary with lunar cycles and these have subtle but very real effects, entraining our physiology and psychology and this has been a fact of life for a very long time.

    Debunking Astrology: Mars Can't Influence You | Universe Today

  • At the end of fifteen minutes there was not a glib staff-officer there who could have deceived him as to the numbers and destination of the force entraining.

    In The Time Of Light

  • Oh, yes, I'm quite sure they were entraining for Kerachi in readiness to move on Basra.

    In The Time Of Light

  • ELFwave dissonant, brain-wave interfering and entraining Extremely Low Frequency sound is broadcast from these towers, the broadcast is electromagnetically enhanced by the plasma that was once our atmosphere, the air that we breathe in common.

    Acorns Gone; Nature Does What GOP Fails to Do

  • This means that the personal space of individuals, hetetofore deemed off limits to government assassins, are subject to invasion and control by remote manipulation, programming, cooking, or entraining the human brain; thus, the military seeks to override the traditional cognitive abilities of the human brain by which faith in the Deity is possible and from which the greatest imaginative powers of the universe have been tapped.

    USA Military Universal Supremacy: Overlord

  • Searle Pharmaceuticals identified for the C.I.A. Dr Delgado, MD at Yale and his mind influencing technologies as a "mind tenderizer" for entraining brains of animals for externally pulse training electromagnetic field IS Induced Stimulus for paradigms of control of brain function.



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