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  • adv. By means of or in relation to entropy


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entropic +‎ -ally


  • I say Chip old chap, your theory is just too entropically delicious to swallow.

    Roland Burris's monument...

  • In his view, human society is always changing; civilization is entropically prone to decline.

    The Year of two Popes

  • Thus the unnamed narrator of Will Wiles's ingenious first novel, holed up in an anonymous Eastern-European city and four days into a week of entropically bad luck. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph

  • They tend to "fold" and occupy a small volume because it is entropically favored: there are many more microstates where the molecule is "short".

    The Reference Frame

  • Can someone tell me how our nation can justify this expense in the face of an already entropically growing national debt?

    Boise Weekly

  • Assuming that the bits are entropically trying to average their energies out, then his model shows how gravity emerges as these bits average their energies out and approach an average energy.

    The Reference Frame

  • Moreover, we must grant that although our ability to affect the environment is entropically grand, it is not unbounded, thus our optimism to uniquely steer the course of the natural history is incongruous with physics.

    Progressive Bloggers

  • As philologists at least as early as Erasmus observed (and as information theory's version of the second law of thermodynamics would predict), scribal errors tend to replace less frequent and hence entropically more information-rich wordings with more frequent ones.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • This is because an abrupt end to the crystalline structure is not the most entropically favorable possibility.


  • Life combines positive and negative feedback loops, and so it's much more fitful and fragile than gravity, but it can still surf the entropy of its neighboring star, tapping a small part of the vast streams of energy that flow entropically from the Sun's core to the near-absolute-zero cold of interstellar space to concentrate chemical energy for its own use.

    Energy Bulletin -


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