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  • n. Plural form of enum.


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  • I think it’s somewhat fair to require the cast, if one accepts the philosophy that the purpose of enums is to create a distinct type with a number of named values. » C# Gripe: enum base types

  • · J2SE 5.0 "Tiger" Language Support - We support the new Java language constructs such as enums, generics, metadata annotations, autoboxing, static imports and others.

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  • First, something isn't quite right about Java enums.

    Scala and Enums

  • C# unfortuanately goes with C-style enums, albeit with the "bonus" feature that you can specify some aspects of the representation; specifically the width of the integer and the integral value. » C# Gripe: enum base types

  • Strongly typed enums were partially supported in VC10 specifically, the part about explicitly specified underlying types, and C++11's semantics for forward declared enums weren't supported at all in VC10.

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  • There are additional tricks that people have supplied for easing use of enums check out Alex's fun approach Now for the brave, they've discovered that EF actually doesn't care about visibility of the property setter.

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  • The Entity Framework team at Microsoft got busy in September with an exploration of the new features in the June 2011 Entity Framework CTP, which adds sought-after features like enums, spatial types and TVFs.

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  • To top it off you can also change Java 1.5 enums in any way you like and they'll continue working!

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  • · Support for adding static fields and changing enums.

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  • I don't believe enums would be a smart move here, or even how to implement them.

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