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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of envenom.


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  • If only — and this thought must afflict many others who now write about Eastern Europe — one could be transported to that brilliant, polyglot little city as it was, say, thirty-five years ago, how much of the mystery which both swaddles and envenoms the relations of Poles and Lithuanians and Russians and Byelorussians and Jews would make sense at last!

    Under Eastern Eyes

  • No; it envenoms it, converts natural desire into a morbid obsession and makes it the dominant passion.

    The Simple Life

  • There are on earth no actors too humble and obscure not to have a gallery; that gallery which envenoms the play by stealthy jeers, counsels of anger, amused comments or words of perfidious compassion.

    Chance A Tale in Two Parts

  • But responsibility mortally envenoms grief; and as an act is essentially voluntary, therefore I act as little as possible.

    Amiel's Journal

  • Wisdom, apart from obedience to God, degenerates to cunning, and degrades and envenoms man's nature.

    Smith's Bible Dictionary

  • The habit of self-indigence has grown upon them until it pervades their being, and the corruption of the bar subtly envenoms their declining years.

    The Ethics of Drink and Other Social Questions Joints In Our Social Armour

  • You may ply bolts and bars; you may stop the working of beer-engines and taps; but all will be futile, for I repeat, that only by asserting power over hearts, souls, imaginations, can you make any sort of definite resistance to the awe-striking plague that envenoms the world.

    The Ethics of Drink and Other Social Questions Joints In Our Social Armour

  • For just as the very hot weather inflames and envenoms old sores, so the election had given an astonishing new growth to the pillaging already established in the house.

    The Nabob

  • Oh, what a world is this, when what is comely envenoms him that bears it!

    Pearls of Thought

  • Once more the spasm [69] and maddening frenzies inflame me -- and the sting of the hornet, wrought by no fire, [70] envenoms me; and with panic my heart throbs violently against my breast.

    Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound and the Seven Against Thebes


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