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  • v. Alternative spelling of invigorate.


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  • IMO, a careful planning alternative is needed; inductive, goal-oriented spending, consistent with the broader economy, which will necessarily, continually re-envigorate the economy, would surpass any fundamental, paradigm shift!?

    Think Progress » On House GOP Website, Republican Leadership Takes Credit For Successful Stimulus Project

  • Hillary brings a ton to the ticket, with the possible downside that she may envigorate the Right.

    ABC: Obama Overtakes Hillary Among Super-Delegates

  • If practiced often and with attention, this practice really can be used to envigorate the body, and actually correct certain ailments due to structural misadjustments - the sort of thing chiropractic is said to address- as well as other ailments.

    越命 十句 観音経

  • The need to re-envigorate public institutions was also being addressed through extensive programmes aimed at finding better political leadership and re-orienting former apartheid bureaucracy to make it more accessable to the new South African society, says

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Perhaps it will envigorate the team like it will for the

    Sports News :

  • Wilson, who initially apologized for his words, is now riding a reaction that has surpassed the liberal backlash to his words: Miller has raised less than $900,000, according to the Democratic fundraising site ActBlue -- though still more than enough to envigorate his challenge.

    Ace of Spades HQ

  • For this reason, he requests this loan to buy nitrates necessary to envigorate his plants and thereby harvest (coffee) this year.

    Kiva Loans

  • Pelosi’s problem is an example of why the democrats continue to lose … they act as losers and cater to the middle instead of motivating the left. the middle is for scum-bags, the clinton/leiberman/mccain/kerry types. they can all go to hell. what the democrats ought to be doing, and what they will not be doing, is to envigorate the left, offer a distinctly different outlook, say

    Think Progress » ThinkFast: May 16, 2006

  • And I think the main reason why this story has the legs it does besides the “ick” factor, the corruption factor, the cover up factor, and just the really stupid way it’s being handled is that it has the possibilty to stall-out the Republican Comeback and re-envigorate the Democrat Party Advance.

    Expect a Homeland Security Threat Level Ramp-Up Sometime Today « Whatever

  • The plan will "envigorate district-level reform by expanding the Race to the Top beyond just states but to school districts ready to embark on system-wide improvement of their educations policies and practices, '' the White House says. -


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