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  • v. Present participle of envisage.


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  • Let us say however that in the idea of envisaging the esteem of a woman as the highest object of human activity, and setting up love as the supreme principle of morality, there is nothing of the antique spirit, or indeed of the Teutonic.

    The Poetry of the Celtic Races. III.

  • As noted above, the commander brings to mind courses of action by the mental act of "envisaging", i.e., "viewing with the mind's eye or conceptionally", "seeing as a mental image", bringing fully and distinctively to view.

    Sound Military Decision

  • As for you, I'm "envisaging" a urine smelling armchair with a rumpled copy of the Times being shaken.

    Army Rumour Service

  • "Self-control is a vital skill for scanning the horizon to be prepared for what might happen to you, for envisaging your own future possibilities, … and for waiting for the really good things that are worth waiting for, instead of jumping for short-term enticements," wrote Terrie Moffitt and Avshalom Caspi , the Duke University psychologists who led the research, in an email.

    A Factor of Success As Adults: Self-Control

  • Though it does not yet quite talk the talk of "digital first" – looking forward, like the Journal Register group in the US or the Guardian here in Britain, to the days when dead trees are left to lie and paperless news organisations bestride the net – it is, nevertheless, envisaging a certain sort of future: one where everything changes, everything is up for grabs.

    New York Times bows to Mail Online – for now

  • Santorum, who has a lifetime of not serving in the armed forces of the United States under his belt, brought the full weight of his complete lack of expertise to bear on the subject by deftly envisaging the cinematic implausibility of men and women serving together under enemy fire without instantly falling in love with one another to the tactical detriment of their presumably similarly-smitten comrades in arms.

    John Baxter: Expert Civilian Rick Santorum Theorizes About Combat Conditions

  • The EAC report found: "There is, more fundamentally, an inconsistency in the government's position of trumpeting its acceptance of a recommended carbon budget for 20 or so years hence, while at the same time envisaging the possibility of overturning that commitment just three years from now."

    George Osborne and the Treasury attacked for hostility to green policies

  • It was a full minute into envisaging this before I realised it was Brown, the Prime Minister of England, not Ramsay the media, hungry foul-mouthed chef they were talking about.

    bits. bobs and budgeting for the barren

  • Could it be that the really intriguing questions about episodic narratives and American fiction are bound up in the relationship between story-telling and the possibility of envisaging deep and meaningful consequences?

    What’s The Fuss About Episodic Fiction? « Tales from the Reading Room

  • While Democrats have spoken generally about overhauling entitlement programs, they would be almost certain to oppose moves to change the Medicaid program as Republicans are envisaging.

    Republicans to Propose Overhaul to Medicaid


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