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  • n. The process or result of envisioning.


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envision +‎ -ment


  • It's childish, and anyone who's a fanboy of the current envisionment is just trapped in their childhood.

    If Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Were Real | /Film

  • As an aside, a month or so ago back, I saw such an 'envisionment' of an attack on the USS

    Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

  • They too readily accept the envisionment and molding of sensibilties to incorporate the Evangelical God, the Mormon God, et al, without questioning the abandonment of rich polytheistic attributes, powers, community, etc.

    Feel the Hate

  • In an incremental creative process, i.e. biologic evolution, an envisionment of the final outcome, would not be necessary.

    ID? It's all OUR Fault! - The Panda's Thumb

  • And we worked with the Army C - flick (ph) engineers doing their envisionment of what they needed to have here, and we built it.

    CNN Transcript Dec 27, 2001

  • True, that world turned out to be wildly inaccurate, but its envisionment led to a massive uplifting of at least a segment of the popular mind, which three centuries after Kepler was and still is largely addicted to the ancient geocentric view of the Earth as the only world, orbited by tiny lights in the sky.

    The Case for Mars

  • Man, by his very envisionment of macro-cosmic space, had already mastered it.

    Gray Lensman

  • Learn about "envisionment building" as a tool for literary interpretation with a community of expert readers.

    Random feeds from

  • Louis Leterrier's re-envisionment of the big green guy, even though my interest was piqued during the first run of the release when I heard confirmation of

    The Trades

  • These flicks are all about She-Hulk beating up the bad guys — or in my favorite, getting her husband to do the chores — so, sure, if you want to turn a blind eye to the self-aware cheesiness on display, you could argue that these flicks display female empowerment, each a modern-day envisionment of a Helen Reddy song proclaiming “I am Woman; hear me roar and punch you in the face with my big, green fist.”

    She-Hulk Fan Films Bring The Love | Fan Cinema Today


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