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  • v. Archaic spelling of enwrapped.


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  • Has some heaven-sent disease enwrapt thy frame, or hast thou heard from our father some deadly threat concerning me and my sons?

    The Argonautica

  • The temporal destiny of woman is enwrapt in still more impenetrable obscurity than that of man.


  •     Phaethon flame-enwrapt, and cypress in air upspringing:

    Poems and Fragments

  • That radiant spirit, enwrapt in so fair an outward seeming, must come to see and rejoice in him.

    The Titan

  • She was so care-free, living in a high and solitary world, at times apparently enwrapt in thoughts serene, at other times sharing vividly in the current interests of the social world of which she was a part, and which she dignified as much as it dignified her.

    The Titan

  • Elevated and enwrapt, while her eyes were often wet with tears of sublime devotion and solemn awe, she continued at the casement, till the gloom of mid-night hung over the earth, and the planet, which La

    The Mysteries of Udolpho

  • No hooded ambulance moves joltlessly, tended by enwrapt bearers, on pathless way; no formal procession paces from the house of death to the long last home.

    Tropic Days

  • In the deepest fountain of my heart the pulses were stirred; around, above, beneath, the clinging Memory as a cloak enwrapt me.

    The Last Man

  • In the beginning of time, when, as now, man lived by families, and not by tribes or nations, they were placed in a genial clime, where earth fed them untilled, and the balmy air enwrapt their reposing limbs with warmth more pleasant than beds of down.

    The Last Man

  • Shaken and alone, enwrapt in the darkness, terrified of an ultimate meaning rushing at him, he gathered himself and uttered the final, flashing imperative:

    The Gunslinger


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