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  • adj. "Of the wind"; referring to the action or the power of wind.

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  • See æolic.

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  • n. the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken in Thessaly and Boeotia and Aeolis


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From Latin Aeolicus, from Ancient Greek Αἴολος (Aiolos, "Aeolus, god of the winds")


  • So I stick with solar driven devices, (PV, thermal, eolic, etc.) but what about all the flat collectors, concentrators, machinery, steel for the wind turbines and materials to make massive amounts of them?

    Think Progress » Key Fact In National Review’s Global Warming Article Is ‘Completely Wrong’

  • The best business in the world is related to oil, not to solar PV cells, collectors, biomass, eolic turbines, tidal energy, etc.

    Think Progress » National Review: ThinkProgress Doesn’t Have The ‘Slightest Idea What They Are Talking About’

  • Windmills are seen at an eolic farm in Tocco da Casauria, central Italy October 14,

    Reuters: Top News

  • DOE is not a crystal ball teller but provides policy directions and the scenarios that policies are looking, US gvmnt is worry about long term oil availability and what the DOE reflects is where they will push ($$) and that is cellulosic fuels, NG and eolic and in certain degree solar panels. they pretend that all extra capacity (equivalent) will be meet by this sources. Home Page

  • Etter defines seven different zones; a) the highplains, b) very dissected highplains, c) the sandy Guiana highplains, d) foothill non-flooded savannas, e) bushy savannas on "medanos", f) flooded savannas of the eolic plains, g) patches of flooded savannas and forests on the overflow plains.


  • The note added that the Bolivian government, while recognizing the need to look for and resort to environmentally friendly alternative sources of energy, such as the geothermal, solar, and eolic sources of energy, and to small and medium size hydro-power generators, it advocates for an alternative approach, based on the possibility of living well and in harmony with nature, in order to develop public policies aimed at the promotion of safe alternative energies that could ensure the preservation of the planet, our 'mother land'.


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