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  • n. a theropod dinosaur of the genus Eoraptor


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  • "But I started measuring it in my lab and I realized 'Oh wow, this isn't eoraptor at all,' " says Paul Sereno of the University of Chicago, one of the authors of the paper announcing the discovery in this week's edition of the journal Science.

    New dog-sized dinosaur discovered

  • The discovery really "boots out eoraptor the dinosaur from that long held position," says Holtz.

    New dog-sized dinosaur discovered

  • The new finding makes clear that eodromaeus roamed the planet earlier than eoraptor.

    New dog-sized dinosaur discovered

  • But after detailed cleaning and CT scans of its skull and skeleton, new features were discovered that link eoraptor instead with the giant long-necked herbivores called sauropodomorphs, familiar to many as the group including "brontosaurus."

    New dog-sized dinosaur discovered

  • When they first found the fossilized skeleton, the researchers from Argentina and the USA thought it was another eoraptor.

    New dog-sized dinosaur discovered

  • Back then, eoraptor was tapped as a small predator, an early theropod like eodromaeus.

    New dog-sized dinosaur discovered

  • For dinosaur specialists, the real "jaw dropper," according to Sereno, is the comparison between eodromaeus and its equally small companion, eoraptor, a species Sereno and colleagues named in 1993.

    New dog-sized dinosaur discovered

  • Perhaps an eoraptor snapping at panphagia to show the split between close relatives theropods and sauropodmorphs.

    Life's Time Capsule: me, 3D and Plateosaurus...

  • It was there that they first found eoraptor, ee-oh-RAP-tor or "dawn plunderer," in 1991, which some believed was a common ancestor to all dinosaurs. News

  • Argentina and the USA thought it was another eoraptor. News


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