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  • n. The state or condition of being ephemeral; transience.
  • n. Something that is ephemeral.

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  • n. The quality or state of being ephemeral; that which is ephemeral; a transient trifle.

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  • n. the property of lasting for a very short time


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  • An object whose identity is so deeply intertwined with its documentation is fraught with complexities and paradox, but given Smithson's interest in ephemerality and entropy, I'd imagine he'd be quite satisfied with the transient nature of his jetty - how it disappears and reappears at nature's will.

    Rebecca Taylor: Spiral Jetty: A Monument to Paradox & Transience

  • For an experience of the un-nameable on a colossal scale, as well as snapshots of commonplace people, one comes here, to Mr. Eisenman's memorial, where the materiality of stone competes and cooperates with the ephemerality of language and names, and where at least some of the names achieve a permanence of their own.

    The Facelessness of Mass Destruction

  • Fluxus's embrace of lightness, transformation and ephemerality is evident in works ranging from documented meals to musician John Cale's film of flashing police lights.

    Making Art Out of Living

  • Questions were raised about Smithson's vision for the work, his view on its ephemerality, and whether he ever envisioned groups such as ours making the journey out to this incredibly remote location to experience his work.

    Rebecca Taylor: Spiral Jetty: A Monument to Paradox & Transience

  • The implicit immediacy and ephemerality of "post" and "update," the deeply embedded assumption of referentiality (linkage being part of the point of blogging), not to mention a new of-the-moment ethos among so many of the bloggers (especially the younger ones) favors a less formal, less linear, and essentially unedited mode of argument.

    Book Reviewing

  • McMillen, by contrast, shrinks his subjects, usually down to toys, but sometimes to 2/3 size, tempting us with tactility and apparently easy heft just as Anderson tempts us with ephemerality and gigantism.

    Peter Frank: Blague d'Art: American Masters, American Dreams

  • The demanding nature of its maintenance, the vulnerability of the material, the ephemerality of the piece does relate to themes of human frailty.

    Joan Sherman: Young Artists Look at Old Masters

  • The book works as a quiet meditation on the ephemerality of beauty (Mizzy resembles the "Rodin bronze") and the trials of what Mr. Cunningham calls a "cordial but unfulfilling marriage."

    Man of the 'Hours' Turns His Attention

  • Their greatest conflict is that between the ephemerality of the flesh depicted and the ideal forms it represents.

    Masters of Men and Machines

  • This pulsation between materiality and ephemerality -- between the appearance and disappearance of the subject -- make these paintings almost magical.

    Anne Couillaud: Encounter at the Beginning of a World : Helen Beckman's Paintings


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