ephemeromorphic love



from The Century Dictionary.

  • Of or pertaining to the ephemeromorphs; of or pertaining to a form of organic life that is transitory and unstable — in particular, a form of life which, being definitely neither plant nor animal, has no permanent place in nature; ephemeromorphous.


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  • His work of twelve hundred pages, covering his laborious delvings into the ephemeromorphic world, is conclusive on this point.

    Life: Its True Genesis

  • And this defiant challenger of the "vitalists," who thus half-sneeringly speaks of those who believe that the vital forces of the universe are among the highest potential factors expressed therein, is one who, for the last decade and a half, has mostly lived in the ephemeromorphic world, and who, in diving into the "beginnings of life," has so far lost his way that the all-glorious end of it is as much an inexplicable mystery to him now, as when he was more successfully expounding pathological anatomy and ruthlessly hacking away at anatomical subjects over the dissecting-slab of the London University College.

    Life: Its True Genesis

  • To begin, therefore, with microscopic observation, at a point in the ephemeromorphic world where that optical instrument fails to give back any intelligible answer, and synthetically follow this chain of causation upward and outward to Dr. Tyndall's "fiery cloud of mist," in which it is assumed that all the diversified possibilities and potentialities of the universe once lay latent, may answer the logical necessities of the "Evolution" theory, but will never satisfy the inductive processes of a Plato, a Leibnitz, or a Newton.

    Life: Its True Genesis

  • "conditional incidence" with this averment, to account for all the vital phenomena which so profoundly puzzle these gentlemen while prying into the mysteries of the ephemeromorphic world.

    Life: Its True Genesis


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