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  • n. The part of the Catholic Mass and Eastern Orthodox Divine Liturgy in which the celebrant invokes the Holy Spirit to change the bread and wine on the altar into the body and blood of Jesus. Said at the beginning of the offeratory prayers in the Catholic Mass and at the end of the aforementioned in the Eastern Orthodox Divine Liturgy.

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  • n. In liturgics, that part of the prayer of consecration, as found in many liturgies, in which, after the institution and great oblation (or in some forms after the institution but before the oblation), God is called upon to send down the Holy Spirit upon the worshipers and upon the sacramental gifts. Also epiklesis.


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Ancient Greek


  • The Eastern Christian argument that the epiclesis is the decisive moment of consecration is relatively new, dating to the counter-reformation, and represents nothing except a reflexive mirroring of the Latin position regarding the InstitutionOrthodox Church.

    The Continuum

  • At the moment of the "epiclesis", that is, when the priest extends his hands and invokes the Holy Spirit, the phenomenon is evident.

    Archive 2008-09-28

  • The bells are silent as the priest prays his epiclesis.

    Tim Suttle: An Evangelical Goes To Mass

  • I would also add the epiclesis to your list of authentic improvements.

    URGENT The "Reform of the Reform" is in motion

  • He will bow over the bread and the chalice in saying the consecrating words of Christ and while invoking the Holy Spirit at the supplication or epiclesis.

    Archive 2008-08-03

  • He also wrote a slim book on the Blessed Sacrament, God's Good Cheer, a collection of theological essays, Where Believers May Doubt, and another collection of similar essays, Frontiers of Faith and Reason, which covers a variety of topics from the origin of the epiclesis to a plea for the re-introduction of the Sarum Rites of Betrothal and Marriage.

    Fr. Vincent McNabb: A Voice of Contradiction

  • I believe we should also find opportunities in catechesis, in homilies and in other circumstances to explain this Eucharistic Prayer well to the People of God so that they can follow the important moments -- the account and the words of the Institution, the prayer for the living and the dead, the thanksgiving to the Lord and the epiclesis -- if the community is truly to be involved in this prayer.

    Pope's Response to Priests on the Liturgy

  • Mantras and Mudras are both employed in Christian Liturgy, in the rites of consecration, epiclesis, benediction, imposition of hands etc.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • The epiclesis takes us back to the earliest and purest celebrations of the

    The Hymns of Wesley and Watts: Five Papers

  • It occurs, not after the epiclesis as in the Syrian liturgies, but immediately before it.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 1: Aachen-Assize


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