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  • adj. Located on a continental shelf

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In geology, resting upon a continent: said of shallow seas formed by the submergence of continental areas in certain geological periods.


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  • The development of continents meant the development of shallow epicontinental “seas”, on which stromatolites (pillow-shaped microbial mats composed of layers of specialized bacteria) could anchor and evolve.

    Ancient Predator Revealed!

  • It is clear from both the fossil record and the ecology of oceans and epicontinental shallow water today that continental shelves were and are necessary for multicellularity.

    Ancient Predator Revealed!

  • Origin of whales in epicontinental remnant seas: new evidence from the Early Eocene of Pakistan.

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • The geological evidence that Lomonosov Ridge is part of the Russian continental shelf is not an easy question We can say that this is not just a ridge, but part of a whole system from Russia to Greenland and Canada The Arctic is a shallow epicontinental sea on a continental base.

    The Arctic Oil Rush

  • The sections are arranged along a depth transect ~50–600 m across an epicontinental basin covering Egypt and Israel.

    Bürger and Cubasch: Are multiproxy climate reconstructions robust? « Climate Audit

  • During the late Paleocene thermal maximum, the upwelling of low-oxygen intermediate Tethyan water into the epicontinental basin led to enhanced biological productivity and anoxia at the seafloor.

    Bürger and Cubasch: Are multiproxy climate reconstructions robust? « Climate Audit

  • The epicontinental sea was shoaled and narrowed, and muds were washed in from the adjacent lands.

    The Elements of Geology

  • We need not regard this epicontinental sea as deep.

    The Elements of Geology

  • In the interior the Mississippian is composed chiefly of limestones, with some shales, which tell of a clear, warm, epicontinental sea swarming with crinoids, corals, and shells, and occasionally clouded with silt from the land.

    The Elements of Geology

  • We can hardly account for this except by a shallow-water connection between the two ancient epicontinental seas.

    The Elements of Geology


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