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  • n. Plural form of epicure.


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  • Persons in whom nausea and disgust are awakened at tripe, putrid game, or moldy and maggoty cheese affected by so-called epicures, not to mention the bad oysters which George I. preferred to fresh ones, would doubtless be prejudiced and incorrect observers as to the quantity of food an Eskimo might consume.

    The First Landing on Wrangel Island With Some Remarks on the Northern Inhabitants

  • At the end of the day, we'd probably rather just trust that broccoli tastes like broccoli and those for whom it might be useful, such as epicures or wine connoisseurs, would probably find the idea of choosing by man-made flavours offensive anyway.


  • You're not what I'd call epicures, but I've never known your appetites to fail. "

    The Shadow of the North A Story of Old New York and a Lost Campaign

  • The news might not be music to the ears of diners who want to get away from tiny customers, but it says something about restaurants wooing a future generation of epicures.

    Squeezing lemons, and tight squeezes: Readers on water service and table hogs

  • While overall, I was frustrated by the books utter lack of hope for epicures to ever find delicious, quality food again, it has made me aware of how bureaucratically ridiculous many food regulations are, and how most of the USDA and FDA's regulations are in place to support the factory farmer and big agribusiness.

    Book Review: "Last Chance to Eat"

  • In January 414 he married his Roman prisoner in the town of Narbonne in southern Gaul, an area well-known to Roman epicures for its production of rosemary-flower honey.45

    Caesars’ Wives

  • Only epicures in Rhode Island and Nebraska are privy to the Double Down at the moment, but the response has been so overwhelming that it's expected to hit KFCs nationwide shortly.

    Meredith C. Carroll: Hot and Battered over KFC

  • With only around 40 seats and a planet of epicures competing for them, the Fat Duck may well weather the economic storm, too.

    Return to the Fat Duck

  • While other epicures were stuffing themselves at the usual bicoastal watering holes, here in the heart of the heart of the land, which the transcontinental set flies over on migrations between New York and California (with grudging pit stops for top food in Chicago and Las Vegas), I was proving beyond a doubt that the view from 30,000 feet misses first-rate grub well worth coming to earth for.

    Dinner Deep in Walleye Territory

  • Exquisitely illustrated by J.K. Potter, this slender volume is sure to appeal to epicures of the terrible.

    Subterranean Press » 2006 » October


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