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  • Pertaining to the epididymis: as, epididymal ducts; epididymal tissues.

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  • adjective Of, in or pertaining to the epididymis, the tube in male mammals which connects the efferent ducts from the rear of each testicle to its vas deferens.


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From epididymis +‎ -al.


  • They not only found that large numbers of CD8+ T cells infiltrated obese epididymal adipose tissue in mice fed a high-fat diet (while there was a depletion of CD4+ T ells), but also that this infiltration preceded the accumulation of macrophages in fat tissue.

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  • Chronic bronchitis associated with congenital epididymal dysplasia is a sign of Young syndrome.

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  • This is commonly referred to as an epididymal "blow out."


  • This is commonly referred to as an epididymal "blow out."


  • Australian researchers have reported that the global service mobile (GSM) phone frequency of 900 megahertz has a "significant genotoxic effect on epididymal spermatozoa."

    Microwave Technology: An End to the Human Race

  • One of the most popular is called MESA short for microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration.

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  • Studies on the process of spermatogenesis and epididymal sperm reserve in water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis).

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  • In a recent study, (Kobayashi Y et al, 2001) when evodiamine was supplemented at 0.02% in the form of ethanol extract of Evodia fruits in a high-fat diet for 21 days, the body weight, perirenal fat weight and epididymal fat weight were found to be significantly reduced compared to the control group.

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  • Medical notes made it "perfectly clear" the procedure was to be "excision of right epididymal cyst", a disciplinary hearing was told.

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  • At the end of the study, the soy-fed animals were considered fertile and exhibited normal male behaviour, but epididymal sperm counts were 25 per cent lower, and litter sizes were 21 per cent smaller.

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