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  • n. Fluorescence produced by reflected rather than transmitted light.


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  • Prokaryotes (large intense dots) and viruses (small, less intense dots) stained by SYBRGreenI and viewed by epifluorescence microscopy.

    Marine viruses

  • The chief conclusion gained from this is that I will not become a marine chemist any time soon, and that I do much better looking at things wiggling around in a epifluorescence microscope.


  • In our plankton class tonight, we took a water sample from Port Everglades and ran a couple of milliliters of it through an epifluorescence microscope, to take a look at what, really, is in Port Everglades water.

    Not quite a field of stars....

  • An epifluorescence microscope, by the way, allows you to view water under both fluorescent and ultraviolet light, showing you the results through both a viewpiece and up on a computer monitor; results can be printed out in color, if you wish.

    Not quite a field of stars....

  • You will have a good publication record and must have experience in cell signalling techniques (e.g. apoptosis, trafficking), microscopy (e.g. brightfield, epifluorescence, confocal), molecular biology and

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  • Live or fixed cells were observed with the epifluorescence microscope Axiovert 200 M (Zeiss, Göttingen, Germany) connected to an ORCA ER camera (Hamamatsu, Tokyo, Japan).

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  • The ADM facility, inaugurated in 2009, currently provides expertise, assistance and full time access to conventional transmission and epifluorescence microscopes (6 units), motorized fluorescence Macroscopy (1 unit), Spectral Confocal microscopy (3 units), including

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  • Movie from an epifluorescence microscopy time series showing several AF488 labeled HPV-16 particles moving along actin-rich protrusions on HeLa cells expressing EGFP-actin.

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  • For calcium imaging in neonatal mouse cardiomyocytes, cardiomyocytes were loaded with a cell permeable calcium dye 4-AM in calcium-free HBSS (Gibco) for 15 min and imaged in regular HBSS (Gibco) with a 20× TIRF objective with a wide-field epifluorescence microscopy.

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  • To assay the effect on cardiomyocyte calcium transients, we loaded the cells with a fluo 4-AM and imaged with a wide-field epifluorescence microscope.

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