epifluorescent love


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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or employing epifluorescence


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  • In one alcove, antique brass microscopes, once the pride of the lab but long out of use, still stood among Leitz inverted epifluorescent microscopes and confocal laser devices.

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  • Looking through the epifluorescent microscope and at the monitor, I made three critical discoveries:

    Not quite a field of stars....

  • This epifluorescent microscope image shows a salp filtering mesh: the best food-trapper in the sea.


  • The slides were stored in the dark until they were examined under an Olympus BX51 epifluorescent microscope with Green Excitation Filter UMWG2 for ZO-1 and Ultra Violet Excitation Filter UMWU2 for nuclear staining.

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  • Because TIRF microscopy captures only a small fraction of the cell plasma membrane, we used epifluorescent three-color FRET microscopy to quantitatively analyze the effect of Ca Intramolecular vs. intermolecular FRET in Vα1CC revealed in TIRF images.

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  • The single-molecule fluorescence setup is based on an Axiovert S100TV inverted microscope with epifluorescent detection.

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  • Anti-PDP1 and anti-PDF immunofluorescent images were collected using a charge-coupled device (CCD) camera mounted on a Zeiss Axiophot epifluorescent photomicroscope and used for analysis.

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  • FF01-438/24-25) and a dichroic mirror (Semrock FF458-Di01-25 × 36), and epifluorescent emission was further split into donor (cyan,

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  • Images were recorded with a pixel size of ca. 200 nm using a 14-bit Hamamatsu C9100-12 digital camera (Hamamatsu City, Japan) mounted on a Nikon TE2000 epifluorescent microscope (Tokyo,

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