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  • n. The total epigenetic state of a cell
  • n. A chemical responsible for the activation of a particular gene


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  • Think of the genome — the DNA sequence — as being like the hardware of a computer, while the epigenome is like the software that tells the computer when, where, and how to work. here

    2010 February - Telic Thoughts

  • But the grammar of the epigenome is changing all the time.

    Lifestyle Factors May Alter Genetic Traits, Study Finds

  • The participants focused on the concept of the 'epigenome' -

    Naturejobs - All Jobs

  • Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have developed a new technique for observing the proteins that operate by that controlling code-called the epigenome-and assembled a library of interactions between the proteins and key positions on packets of DNA.

    D Mag - News

  • Lightman hopes to better understand what is called the epigenome - the way that past experiences have modified our cells, making us more vulnerable to certain diseases. - latest science and technology news stories

  • If the genetic sequence is the words of the book, the epigenome is the grammar, he says.

    NPR Topics: News

  • As scientists discover more about the "epigenome," a layer of biochemical reactions that turns genes on and off, they're finding that it plays a big part in health and heredity.

    Whew! Your DNA Isn't Your Destiny

  • The study shows that changes within the prostate cancer cell 'epigenome' (biochemical processes that target DNA and affect gene expression) alter the expression of many genes, silencing their expression within large regions of DNA -- nearly 3% of the cell's genome.

    D Mag - News

  • The findings are timely in that they coincide with very recent events and publications that have brought the concepts of the 'epigenome' and 'epigenetics' into world focus.

    D Mag - News

  • Scientists from Sydney's Garvan Institute of Medical Research have published a paper, online today in cell: more sweeping, more targeted and more complex than we could ever have imagined, even five years ago. prostate cancer cell 'epigenome' (biochemical processes that target



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