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  • noun Plural form of epigenome.


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  • Epigenome is derived from the Greek epi, which means “over” or “above,” so epigenomes are over and above genes.

    Forever Young

  • Each epigenetic change seems to leave a chemical flag, or "mark," on the DNA, and hence researchers are intensely cataloging these marks into "epigenomes" as a possible clue to diagnosis, prognosis and perhaps even prevention of disease.

    Beyond the Book of Life

  • There are capabilities in our genomes and epigenomes we've not even begun to notice or tap.

    A Dubious "Opportunity" for IDers

  • It turns out that the genes in our DNA are like the hardware of a computer, but there are also epigenomes that act like the software that tell the computer how to work.

    Christopher Gavigan: How to Green Your Genes

  • All cells carry the same genetic coding, the same strands of DNA, but they develop and function differently based on the instructions in the epigenomes.

    Christopher Gavigan: How to Green Your Genes

  • Walter Gilbert , a Nobel Prize-winning biologist, famously said that since fruit flies had no epigenomes, people could hardly need them.

    Whew! Your DNA Isn't Your Destiny

  • This will provide a healthy tissue base against which to compare the epigenomes of diseased tissue.

    D Mag - News

  • We do not yet know how many variations the human epigenome is likely to contain -- certainly millions -- as a single person could have many epigenomes in a lifetime, or even in a day.

    D Mag - News

  • The initial intention is to map 1,000 epigenomes within a decade.


  • The initial intention is to map 1,000 epigenomes within a decade.

    D Mag - News


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