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  • n. Plural form of epigone.


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  • Many of the older generation still cling resentfully to the great traditions, regarding Chomsky and his "epigones" as philistines and vulgarians.

    A Special Supplement: Chomsky's Revolution in Linguistics

  • Turn on the news in the past few weeks and it's like reading Trotsky: capitalism in profound crisis; Labour leaders and their 'epigones' (a favourite Trotsky word) locked in internal battle.

    Blogging Change

  • To him, as a biologist, the form-giving of the specific life process was the primary paradigm of a finalistic process, but for his epigones the order of the universe and the trend toward its perfection became completely dominant.

    Against Darwinism

  • Oddly, he seemed to have no problem with Wagner and his epigones, even though I would argue that Wolf, for instance, gets a lot more moment-by-moment ambiguity out of all those augmented triads.

    Mod squad

  • The fetishistic medievalism—Breivik seems to have designed a military dress uniform, and wants to wear it to his trial—is significant: Like Osama bin Laden and his epigones, his worldview seems mainly defined by the politics of the 13th century.

    What Is Anders Breivik?

  • In my opinion, however, it is precisely because literature is made from a medium so thorougly tied to modes of conventional discourse and ordinary communication that the creation of genuine art using such a medium should especially be acknowledged and allowed a certain degree of independence from the kind of "social and moral" criticism favored by Irving Howe and his current epigones.

    Saying Something

  • Attend a creative writing workshop or open a magazine of short stories nowadays and the chances are you will encounter one of Carver's numberless epigones.

    The Two Raymond Carvers

  • If we include the spectacles and Flash Gordon epigones that grace the silver screen also to be SF, however (what we hard SF fans call "Pulp") I would add a whole list of SF films that are good and worthy members of the SF pantheon -- as pulp.

    MIND MELD: If The SF/F Community Ran Hollywood...

  • The bigger problem may have been that Marshall, the very model of the correct and dedicated public servant, had no Nigerian epigones, only self-centered indigenous leaders with no ambition to serve the national interest.

    The Trouble

  • Of course, there are plenty of literary writers who are proudly outside the academy Bukowski and his epigones and plenty of SF writers in the academy, lots of very prolific “literary” writers and bunches of SF writers slow to publish.

    Genres of Fiction, and Why They Aren’t Discrete Entities


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