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  • adv. In an epileptic manner; with, or as if with, epilepsy.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In connection with or in consequence of epilepsy; caused by epilepsy.


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epileptic +‎ -ally


  • Immediately I began kicking and twitching epileptically, rousing the half-comatose Patricio.

    I’m optimistic, because everyday I get a little more desperate. And desperate situations yield the quickest results.

  • For the first time gamers were called upon to not just epileptically flail around the screen dodging bullets although there's plenty of that but also to consider the placement of their Force pod and develop a long-term strategy.

    Great Moments In Gaming History #2: R-Type

  • A million retina-scorching hand-drawn characters and colours zap epileptically at you as three billion zappy noises explode out of your speakers.

    SLACKERJACK – Dad ‘n’ Me

  • My favourite is the following from author Fyodor Dostoevsky on epileptically induced ecstasy: There are moments, and it is only a matter of five or six seconds, when you feel the presence of the eternal harmony...a terrible thing is the frightful clearness with which it manifests itself and the rapture with which it fills you.

    Mind Hacks: November 2005 Archives

  • I said so to De Quincey [his horse], as I drove him down the street at a creep, sawing his mouth to keep him from running away, till he foamed at it epileptically, while all the sick people were sending north, south, east, and west after all the other doctors.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 109, November, 1866

  • Then, without distinction of Party, fear of constituents, desire for office, or hope of emolument, the House sang at the tops and at the bottoms of their voices, swaying their stale bodies and epileptically beating with their swelled feet.

    A Diversity of Creatures

  • The trouble is that the weakling must be partial; the work of one proving dank and depressing; of another, cheap and vulgar; of a third, epileptically sensual; of a fourth, sourly ascetic.

    Essays in the Art of Writing

  • Jay stared at the music box, letting it radiate through his mind, now epileptically lost in its own majesty.

    All Updates @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com


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