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  • n. In some pulmonate gastropods, an enlargement of the vas deferens, which does not enter the penis directly, but is continued beyond the apex of that organ and frequently bears a long blind duct, the flagellum.


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  • I forgot to add a scale bar; the penis plus epiphallus was about 3.8 mm long.

    Tangled innards of a snail or how we know the intelligent designer was a klutz

  • During mating each slug everts its lower distal genitalia, including the atrium1, the epiphallus and the oviduct.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • Then, I noticed in Pilsbry that there was a tiny difference between the anatomies of Hawaiia and Hebetodiscus: the latter has one retractor on its penis and another one on its epiphallus, while the former has a retractor only on its penis.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • I still have to untangle the penis, epiphallus, appendix, vagina, etc., from each other without breaking anything apart and then spread them out and pin them down for examination and further photography.

    Dissection in progress

  • The penis and the epiphallus of my specimen appear to be fully developed.

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • The verge is about 3 mm long. e: epiphallus, v.d.: vas deferens.

    The naughty bit of a snail

  • 1The common tube into which the epiphallus and the oviduct open and which forms the entrance, or the exit, to the outside.

    Archive 2007-08-01


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