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  • n. Plural form of epiphenomenon.


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  • As for the "epiphenomena" - at least the ones Frye postulates, since mythos, ethos and dianoia are Aristotelian terms, as far as I'm aware (and also somewhat more abstract and complex than their modern counterparts "plot", "character" and "idea") - Frye himself tack them on as names of categories containing the low-level features you probably have in mind and admits that they often interpenetrate.

    Notes Toward a Theory of Narrative Modality

  • That would actually retard the application of physics research, by tying it much to closely with the ultimate goal -- it would look like NIH biological research, where everyone looks under the same lamp post instead of looking in the dark (In biology, you see huge funding going for Protein X, or Y or Z because you can justify it in a grant -- rather than looking for general mechanism that may find the X or Y or Z are ultimately epiphenomena, which is not very fundable).

    Planet Atheism

  • But, even more important, it puts severely at question the notion that man is entirely determined by his brain activity and that his experience of consciousness and will are either illusory or just "epiphenomena" of brain function.

    Marco J. de Vries - An Existential–Spiritual View of the Nature of Man

  • Though each of these nations has exhibited democratizing tendencies of late, Homer-Dixon argues that such tendencies are likely to be superficial "epiphenomena" having nothing to do with long-term processes that include soaring populations and shrinking raw materials.

    The Coming Anarchy

  • He drawls and tends to talk in fragments, chunks of thought; he describes the hoopla that surrounds publishing a book as "epiphenomena".

    The Guardian World News

  • Steve Wasserman, the editor of the Los Angeles Times Book Review, who said he spoke to The Times early on about joining the section but took himself out of the running for its editorship in 1996, said the original idea for Arts & Ideas was to track the "epiphenomena" in the culture that produced, say, a photographer like Robert Mapplethorpe-before the story became a legislative one about curtailing funding to the National Endowment for the Arts for sponsoring erotic work like Mapplethorpe's.

    Times Liquidates 'Arts and Ideas' As Dozens Cheer

  • They are called collateral products, or "epiphenomena" to obviate the charge of materialism ¦ "


  • I might end up in a similarly systemic view, but I tend to view things like mythos, ethos and dianoia, or Tragedy and Comedy, or mythic, romantic, mimetic and ironic modes as ... epiphenomena.

    Notes Toward a Theory of Narrative Modality

  • He squirms on his dunghill, and like a child lost in the dark among goblins, calls to the gods that he is their younger brother, a prisoner of the quick that is destined to be as free as they -- monuments of egotism reared by the epiphenomena; dreams and the dust of dreams, that vanish when the dreamer vanishes and are no more when he is not.

    Chapter 37

  • But I love Rapier @ 6, esp. the point about the real economy now being an epiphenomena.

    Matthew Yglesias » Ketchup Economics


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