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from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun One who holds consciousness to be an epiphenomenon. See epiphenomenalism.


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  • Those motivated by the original epiphenomenalist arguments will worry that narrow, physical properties are really doing all the work here: the apparent relevance of the broad properties is an illusion created by the way we, in describing and explaining behavior, conceptualize both cause and effect (see Owens 1993).

    Mental Causation

  • He was an epiphenomenalist as far as the passions are concerned: he viewed them as causally ineffectual by-products of brain activity (Lyons 1980, pp. 4-5).

    Descartes and the Pineal Gland

  • This view, however, both offends Occamist principles and fails to satisfy the leading anti-epiphenomenalist intuition, namely, that the mental makes a difference to the physical, i.e., that it leads to behavior that would not have happened in absence of the mental.


  • But P3 has this property on epiphenomenalist and interactionist views alike.


  • It is part of epiphenomenalist theory, however, that the regularities that we observe to hold between mental events and actions can be explained by underlying regularities.


  • There are, furthermore, reasons stemming from cognitive science that undercut some traditional ideas about the self, whether or not one hews to a strictly epiphenomenalist view.


  • However, there are serious problems with this epiphenomenalist view.

    Two New Books on Consciousness

  • On the epiphenomenalist view, mental events play no causal role in this process.


  • Epiphenomenalism is, as 16-letter words go, not an obvious hook with which, dear reader, to draw you to this column; but let me explain; because I think I may be an epiphenomenalist.

    It is interesting that Sir George Young took the opportunity...

  • They cannot be taken to represent any knowledge about pains on S's part (if S's epiphenomenalist view is true).



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