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  • n. Plural form of episiotomy.


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  • Modernizing maternity care in Georgia has reduced the amount of unnecessary medical interventions such as episiotomies and labor stimulation and invited women's partners and families to take part in the process of pregnancy and birth.

    Joel Lamstein: U.S. Investments in Health are Working -- and Georgia Reminds Us We Must Sustain and Extend the Gains

  • When labour begins, you call the maternity ward to establish your progress, then two qualified midwives arrive at your home, with two canisters of gas and air, medical equipment for heart-monitoring, resuscitation and minor interventions such as episiotomies, and a hotline to the local ambulance service for priority transfer, in the event you'd like, or need, to go to hospital.

    Life and style |

  • Luckily most doctors are forgoing things such as episiotomies and forceps and are generally more open to women giving birth naturally, or going without the epidural/pitcoin as long as they feel comfortable.

    Planet Atheism

  • My mind wanders into memories of labor—contractions, epidurals, stirrups, episiotomies.

    Left Neglected

  • This hospital has a C-section rate that is well above what the World Health Organization deems a safe rate; if women are consenting to a C-section right off the bat (not to mention fetal heart rate monitoring, antibiotics, episiotomies and epidurals!) regardless of whether one is actually medically indicated, it's certainly blurring the lines between what's medically necessary and the power of suggestion from a medical "authority."

    Amie Newman: Is Refusing a C-Section Child Abuse?

  • The stench was stifling, the birthing beds were all torn with deep craters and were never cleaned of blood between patients, the vacuum cup and surgical instruments used on each patient were not even washed, leave alone sterilized between each patient, contraction inducing drugs and episiotomies were given prematurely resulting in ruptured uteruses and unnecessary bleeding.

    Akbar Ahmed: Compassion in Taliban Territory

  • Now, I have some friends who did not get episiotomies, and they really wish they had.

    You’ll Lose the Baby Weight

  • My first obstetrician performed episiotomies routinely with the reasoning that a straight incision heals better than a big jagged tear.

    You’ll Lose the Baby Weight

  • Studies show that pushing in upright postures shortens the pushing stage and decreases the incidence of severe maternal pain when pushing and abnormal fetal heart rate.50 There are also fewer forceps or vacuum deliveries and fewer episiotomies.51 Squatting widens the pelvic diameter, creating more room for the baby to descend.52

    The Official Lamaze® Guide

  • The use of upright or side-lying positions during second-stage labor is associated with a shorter duration of second-stage labor, fewer forceps or vacuum births, fewer episiotomies, fewer abnormal fetal heart rate patterns, and less chance of having severe pain during pushing Gupta, Hofmeyr, & Smyth, 2004.

    The Official Lamaze® Guide


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