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  • adj. Pertaining to an episome or DNA fragments not contained within a chromosome


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  • In particular, the position of CpG sites (upstream, around or downstream of TSS) deserves further attention since it had been shown that DNA methylation downstream of TSS can impact transcriptional elongation at integrated transgenes or episomal plasmids

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  • The highest GOX expression levels (1552 units of secreted protein per gram dry cell weight) were achieved with the strain K. marxianus CBS 6556, using an episomal system in which the INU1 promoter and terminator were used to drive heterologous gene expression, together with the INU1 prepro sequence, which was employed to drive secretion of the enzyme.

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  • For this humanized yeast screen, an S. cerevisiae strain was created harboring a deletion of the chromosomal yeast HSF locus (yhsfΔ) and which expresses a wild-type episomal copy of yeast HSF from the galactose-inducible, glucose-repressible

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  • The viral genome is episomal, and its complete sequence (137 kilobase pairs) has been determined.

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  • An apparent lack of cell-type specificity suggests that the gene fragments used do not contain sufficient targeting information, or that the transient episomal expression of the constructs does not encourage appropriate expression specificity.

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  • PsVs were generated by expression of the capsid proteins L1 and L2 in cells harboring a reporter plasmid (GFP, YFP, or DsRed) that results in packaging of episomal DNA into L1 / L2-capsids to produce infectious PsVs

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  • [40] employed an oriP/EBNA1 episomal vector to reprogram human fibroblasts.

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