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  • noun Plural form of epistemologist.


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  • Traditional epistemologists, that is, those who do not advocate naturalizing epistemology, typically carry out this activity in their armchairs.

    Naturalized Epistemology

  • This literature has been mistakenly rejected by many otherwise reasonable folk (section 2), and it has been woefully neglected by contemporary ethicists, epistemologists and philosophers of science (sections 3 − 6).

    Doctors, Pharmaceuticals, and Statisticians, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • So while we pursue the philosophical question about who or what killed Dzieka? ski, as good epistemologists, we need to get clear about what sources of information we can trust.

    hughstimson.org » Blog Archive » The Epistemology of Tasers, Revisited

  • Stupidist epistemologists trace these failures to flawed conceptions of knowledge, knowers, objectivity, and scientific methodology.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Actually that was a quite interesting thread, at least for epistemologists like me.

    Matthew Yglesias » Harry Reid’s WTF Moment

  • Holes are an interesting case-study for ontologists and epistemologists.


  • In fact, there is an important connection between this lacuna in Laudan's famous discussion and the further uses made of the thesis of underdetermination by sociologists of scientific knowledge, feminist epistemologists, and other vocal champions of holist underdetermination.

    Underdetermination of Scientific Theory

  • At any rate, as contemporary epistemologists remind us, foundationalist epistemological projects and exclusively Euclidean approaches to cognitive systematization are no longer plausible.

    The rainbow as refracted truth

  • Whether or not this “negative” strengthening of a reliability condition satisfactorily resolves the non-sufficiency challenge, many epistemologists are persuaded by non-sufficiency examples that a reliability-based condition needs to be strengthened if the approach is to be viable.


  • The goal of this entry is to give the reader an overview of the formal tools available to epistemologists for the representation of belief.

    Formal Representations of Belief


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