epistomological love



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  • I don't think the following is just me trying to find "EE" (epistomological evidence) instead of just "OE" (ontological evidence).

    2009 August - Telic Thoughts

  • But that is a "matter of epistomological preferences" you are entitled to.

    Ambiguity Tolerance

  • If this is a matter of epistomological preferences then you are entitled to yours and me to mine.

    Ambiguity Tolerance

  • It is your epistomological preference to believe what you want to believe no matter what.

    Ambiguity Tolerance

  • *Kantism, an epistomological view which states that no reason is reason in itself, thus denying any form of Logos or divine reason.

    The Last Acceptable Prejudice

  • One of his last published stories, about a child whose mother has had a disastrous facelift, is "Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature," a joking nod to philosopher Richard Rorty's classic text bidding farewell to epistomological certainty.

    Wallace's Too-Bright Fire

  • It's stronger than what I said, and you're setting an impossibly high epistomological bar for me: if I can't produce a meta-analyzed longitudinal statistical study that cross-correlates all possible causes of violent crime that shows that absent/poor fathers are more strongly correlated with it than any other factors, then I can't say that absent/poor fathers are an important cause of crime?

    A Question For Joe Killian

  • You've got the makings of a epistomological trilogy going here.

    How your mind looks on the web, part 2.

  • Everything becomes an epistomological knife fight because you can't possible know what you claim to know because you aren't reading, watching, mind-melding the right things.


  • In fact, when it comes to modern American politics there seems to be a conscious embrace of the irrational, an epistomological relativism that renders such reasoned arguments completely inneffectual.



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