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  • n. Plural form of epoxide.


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  • Singapore report they were able to couple CO2 with molecules called "epoxides" to form polycarbonates. Green Business News

  • In 1980 he carried out successful experiments that led to a practical method for the catalytic asymmetric oxidation of allylic alcohols to chiral epoxides.

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2001 - Information for the Public

  • The technology, licensed from Harvard University, where chemist Eric Jacobsen developed it, offers an efficient route to various chiral diols and epoxides that are key building blocks for pharmaceuticals.

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  • The process uses a proprietary cobalt-based catalyst to bond carbon dioxide recaptured from ethanol manufacturing plants to epoxides derived from oil and natural gas.

  • The focus then shifts to a systematic presentation of the various substrates classes, namely carboxylic esters, amides and peptides, lactams and lactones, esters of inorganic acids, alkene and arene epoxides, and some miscellaneous hydrolyzable moieties.

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  • A.Q.H.; De Bont, J.A.M.: Inactivation of alkene oxidation by epoxides in alkene - and alkane-grown bacteria.

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  • Novomer's process works by employing a zinc-based catalyst to bond environmental by-products such as CO2 to liquid epoxides (a highly reactive ether) in a reactor that produces the same result as a pressure cooker, albeit with less energy required in terms of temperature and pressure.

    Scientific American

  • The three cyclohexene epoxides, (+) - pandoxide (17), (+) - b-senepoxide (18) and (-) - pipoxide (19), isolated from

    Chapter 7

  • Myricetin was a highly potent inhibitor of the mutagenic activity of bay-region diol-epoxides of benzo [a] pyrene, dibenzo [a, h] pyrene and dibenzo [a, i] pyrene, but higher concentrations of myricetin were needed to inhibit the mutagenicity of the chemically less reactive benzo [a] pyrene 4,5-oxide and bay region diol-epoxides of benz [a] anthracene, chrysene and benzo [c] phenanthrene.

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  • 339, 79-85 (1999) [3] Ensign, S.A.: Aliphatic and chlorinated alkenes and epoxides as inducers of alkene monooxygenase and epoxidase activities in Xanthobacter strain Py2.

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