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  • noun literary a "little epic".
  • noun literary A brief narrative poem with a romantic or mythological theme.


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From Ancient Greek ἐπύλλιον (epullion). The term was first used in the nineteenth century.


  • And what does it mean to write in forms, such as epic and lyric and epyllion, used by others?


  • In verse writing he was of Catullus 'school, composing at least one epyllion, besides lyric verse.


  • The two types of the “plain” style were employed in more modest poems of literature, both, in prose and in such poetry as comedy, the epyllion, in pastoral verse, and the like.


  • It was at about this same time, 48 B.C., that Vergil began to write the Ciris, a romantic epyllion which deserves far more attention than it has received, not only as an invaluable document for the history of the poet's early development, but as a poem possessing in some passages at least real artistic merit.


  • In the sixty-fourth poem, however, the epyllion which the author of the


  • Three of these are pieces in hexameter verse, belonging broadly to the class of the _epyllion, _ or

    Latin Literature


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