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  • adj. Of a map, having the property that equal areas on the map represent equal areas on the mapped surface.


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  • 'Okay, this is an oblique parabolic equal-area projection with a scale of 109 miles per inch, and as you can see it covers the whole of Asia and includes peripheral countries.

    The Sinkiang Executive

  • In 2001, ODT gained international fame after having its Peters equal-area map featured on an episode of the hit TV show "West Wing." Press Releases

  • Their products include equal-area world maps, world population maps, and an entire series of "South-on-top" maps, including a jigsaw puzzle. Press Releases

  • In 2002, former President Jimmy Carter used the equal-area Hobo-Dyer map in his media materials when accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. Press Releases

  • The difference is really quite striking: equal-area world map and hanging it on a wall somewhere I can see it every day.

    Planet Apache

  • Activations in voxels on the cortical surface were averaged and visualized on the spherical surface using an equal-area Mollweide projection centered on Heschl's gyrus and oriented so that the superior temporal plane lay on the equator.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • Plotting Station Locations Example 1: Plot seismograph station (azimuth N40°E from the earthquake; angle of first motion ray or take-off angle i = 60°) on an equal-area projection Fig. 4.2.13 of Stein and Wysession, 2003 South North

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  • whereas Hansen 1987 refers to the 80 equal-area regions.

    Waldo in Siberia « Climate Audit

  • In Hansen’s current procedure, are the 2 x 2 grids first calculated and then the 80 equal-area regions and then the latitude bands, or does Hansen go from the 2×2’s to the latitude bands ?

    Waldo in Siberia « Climate Audit

  • (ellipses, focus, equal-area law, etc.), which were an exact geometrical formulation from Brahe's not-completely-exact observations.

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