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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of equalize.


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  • Yes, school boards just don't get the importance of standardized test scores, the need to take public funds away from the district to create more charter schools what the so-called reformers call "equalized funding" or the benefit of putting children in front of computers all day rather than have them learn from live human beings.

    Julie Woestehoff: Education "Reformers" Next Target? "One-Size-Fits-All" Democracy

  • One thing at a time is enough to attempt in music, and while a change in the use of the voice is being sought, it may happen that sacrifices must be made in other directions; part-singing, until the voices become equalized, that is, of

    The Child-Voice in Singing treated from a physiological and a practical standpoint and especially adapted to schools and boy choirs

  • This done the tournette is set into motion, and when the film is equalized, which is done in a moment, the plate is detached, placed on a leveled stand and slowly dried with the spirit lamp.

    Photographic Reproduction Processes

  • An example is ice melting, the difference in temperature between a warm surroundings and the introduction of an frosty-cold glass of ice water taken from a freezer system, begins to be neutralized or "equalized" as the heat energy from the warm surroundings become spread out to the cooler heretofore closed system of ice and water.

    Entropy Et Al...

  • I don't think I've ever seen that happen to someone I know individually, but occasionally I've seen the marks of everyone in the class 'equalized' simultaneously.

    Grade adjustments

  • Mr. Vuic hints at what's to come by putting us on the factory floor at the Zastava plant in the former Yugoslavia, where far too many workers "equalized" under socialism assembled the rebadged, tweaked Fiat known as the Yugo. - News

  • Just wait until homosexual behavior is fully "equalized" in law.

    Latest Articles

  • Knowing their ideas such as equalized misery and high taxes don't sell well to the listening public, they would force us to listen, or at least, force broadcasters to sell them.

    Daily News-Record

  • So, I guess I was thinking about it in terms of how far off from "equalized" you get, but you are pointing out that how many times you get away from being equalized is also a factor.


  • The Dems, in their madcap (and ideologically driven) hurry to get the Gay Marriage bill passed, kicked out the lone Republican, Senator Sheila Roberge, from the reconciliation committee trying to get the wording from Governor Lynch "equalized" between the Senate and House bills.



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