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  • adj. Of, relating to, or being a form of an adjective or adverb indicating identity of degree of comparison.
  • n. The equative degree.
  • n. An adjective or adverb expressing the equative degree.

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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or being an equative.
  • n. A construction showing an equal quality. In English, this is normally formed using as. For example, the equative of happy is as happy as.
  • n. A word in the equative form.
  • n. A grammatical case in certain languages, including Ossetic, Finnish and Sumerian, that indicates something is like something else. English equivalents include he was the same age as her and he looks like him.


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equate +‎ -ive


  • You sleep in equative lip biting slumber hugging a pillow you think is someone else.


  • We will also come back, by the same route, to the deep ontological ramifications of the so-called equative genitive (or genitive metaphor) in that line's second phrase: the breath of fresh air that is autumn, rather than the breath that issues from it, as one might say in common figure "the very breath of life."

    Phonemanography: Romantic to Victorian

  • They can only project their equative mercy onto the situation.

    Think Progress » Strategy Memo: White House Efforts to Undercut Torture Amendment Continue

  • And no, I am not saying that completely overrides individual motive intermingled in cognitive equative thought.


  • So you want to tell me again, you insipid moron, that right-wingers crying 'unfair' which in the face of and in consideration to the severity of the attacks against Palin and her family vs. the proper indignation of a sitting President who dragged the country through a scandal because he thought he was above the law, figured his enormous ego and charisma could carry him out of the situation he put himself, his wife, family, and the American people through are not only morally equivalent, but somehow consistently equative at all?

    If you are truly opposed to abortion, why would you have amniocentesis -- as Sarah Palin did -- knowing that it might kill the unborn child?

  • Therefore, lose energy as the equative factors require. "

    The Ship Who Sang

  • You will go back tomorrow and you will, as you were advised by the Manager, lose energy as the equative factors require. "

    The Ship Who Sang


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