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  • adj. toward the equator
  • adv. toward the equator

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  • In the direction of the equator; with motion toward the equator.


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equator +‎ -ward


  • During most of the winter, the air that normally resides over the polar regions across the Northern Hemisphere migrated equatorward, invading our mild latitudes.

    The winter of 2009-2010: Could it have been colder?

  • The thermohaline circulation is the global-scale overturning in the ocean that transports significant heat via a poleward flow of warm surface water and an equatorward return of cold, less saline water at depth.

    Influence of the Arctic on global climate

  • RE: #127 – Let us assume for the sake of argument that indeed, that firstly, there is AGW and secondly that it has resulted in an increase to the expected net annual positive energy budget equatorward of 37.5 degrees latitude.

    Unthreaded #16 « Climate Audit

  • I hereby surmise that any net increase in retained energy would be greater equatorward.

    Exponential Growth in Physical Systems #2 « Climate Audit

  • I would argue that if one excepts a set boundary, then that boundary will move poleward and equatorward with ENSO/AO, and other variations, over time.

    Houston, We've Found Wellington NZ « Climate Audit

  • If the forcing were strong enough, the westerly acceleration could overwhelm the easterly Coriolis acceleration caused by equatorward drift in the Hadley cell, whereupon the normal tropical winds would be replaced by a westerly superrotation.

    New Millennial Warm Pool Foraminifera Study « Climate Audit

  • This mechanism forms an important part of the ‘global conveyor belt’ where warm water moving poleward at the surface is replaced by cold water moving equatorward at depth.

    CMIP Control Runs « Climate Audit

  • However, the Arctic basin is an important region for deep water formation where cold, dense water made even denser by brine rejection from forming sea-ice sinks to depth before moving equatorward.

    CMIP Control Runs « Climate Audit

  • I see from the H&W paper that assuming we can rely on complete frequency observations prior to satellite surveyscylones forming equatorward of up to 25 degrees seem no more frequent than in 1950.

    New Holland and Webster Paper « Climate Audit

  • The tropical storm tracks undergo considerable changes including a weakening in the Atlantic sector and a strengthening and equatorward shift in the eastern Pacific.

    Northern Indian Ocean Hurricanes « Climate Audit


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