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  • verb Present participle of equilibrate.


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  • The euro zone is in "a real economic, financial and political mess, inviting a lower euro as an equilibrating mechanism," said Mr. Sinai of Decision Economics.

    Economists See Europe as Main Threat to U.S. Growth

  • Speaking in somewhat simplified terms, net savings are invested, and it is the interest rate (more accurately, the financial markets) that is the equilibrating mechanism.

    Consumption Tax?, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Never quite in balance, always undergoing some change or other from time immemorial, the global economy is a net beneficiary of this equilibrating terms of trade.

    Feast On Analog Chip Makers While They're Cheap

  • The “self-equilibrating” nature of the economy will ultimately prevail, although that may take massive one-off government actions.

    Larry Summers is a Big Fat Idiot

  • Um ... sorry to break it to you there Larry, but a group of economics professors has recently demolished the "self-equilibrating economy" theory:

    Larry Summers is a Big Fat Idiot

  • However, it was the central insight of Keynes 'General Theory that two or three times each century -- and now is one of those times -- the self - equilibrating properties of markets break down as stabilizing mechanisms are overwhelmed by vicious cycles as the right economic metaphor becomes not a thermostat but an avalanche.

    CNN Transcript Mar 13, 2009

  • It is what people have in mind when they talk about the self-equilibrating forces of the market or use the metaphor of a thermostat to describe how a market functions.

    CNN Transcript Mar 13, 2009

  • What from within a partisan perspective looks like an eternal battle between one's own enlightened party (the forces of good) and the misguided opposition (the forces of evil), is actually simply the workings of a self-equilibrating mechanism that maintains long-term equilibrium of the nation-state by providing continuous feedback.

    Robert Fuller: Bridging Left and Right: A Foundation for Transpartisan Politics

  • When either the left or the right gains in numbers and strength, an equilibrating mechanism is triggered that keeps the ship of state on an even keel: people in the center move politically in a direction opposite to the party in power.

    Robert Fuller: Bridging Left and Right: A Foundation for Transpartisan Politics

  • In the process, Congress neglected the critical role they played in equilibrating not just plaintiffs' and defendants', but federal and state, interests.

    Archive 2008-01-01


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