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  • adjective Having an equal number of moles.

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  • adjective chemistry Containing the same number of moles (of two or more compounds)


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  • In 1966, we reported for the first time the isolation of porcine TRH and determined that it contained three amino acids (glutamic acid, histidine, and proline) in equimolar ratio, but did not take full advantage of this original early finding, as we were preoccupied with parallel studies on reproduction and growth hormone-releasing hormone

    Andrew V. Schally - Autobiography

  • Enhanced susceptibility to PTZ-induced seizures was also observed among mice pretreated with phenylalanine (in doses equimolar to effective aspartame doses), but not among animals pre-treated with aspartic acid or methanol.

    Santa Fe Pediatrician Regales Hawaii Legislative Committee with Dangers of Aspartame

  • We found that an equimolar mixture of nematic liquid crystals bearing a phenylcyclohexyl moiety was useful for that purpose.

    Hideki Shirakawa - Autobiography

  • This technology allows for high-level, equimolar expression of two coding sequences using a single promoter that is applicable for generating expression vectors for in vivo gene therapy applications, pre-clinical target validation and lead identification as well as to rapidly generate high producer antibody cell lines that produce, in vitro, high levels of mature antibody without requiring any amplification currently employed in antibody expression systems.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • The ligands and α-syn were then both diluted with the fibrillization buffer, to equimolar concentrations (100 µM) in a final DMSO concentration of

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  • The two similar compounds curiously occur in nearly equimolar distribution wherever they are found.

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  • Conversely, peroxynitrite generation requires equimolar concentrations of O

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  • Yoneda S, Suzuki KT Detoxification of mercury by selenium by binding of equimolar Hg-Se complex to a specific plasma protein.

    Wil's Ebay E-Store

  • Furthermore, when administered at either their respective maximum tolerated doses or at equimolar doses to free docetaxel, the two HDPN preparations produced greater antitumor activity, as measured by tumor growth delay, than the free docetaxel.

    Nano Tech Wire

  • All ligands were added together with the α-syn in an equimolar concentration at the start of the assay run.

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